Case Study – Diabetic Laceration

Study Author: Denise Tropea, DPM.Wound Care Specialist, Las Vegas, Nevada – USA Patient: 77-Year-old Caucasian male, with 16-year history of diabetes and documentedsensory neuropathy. This

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Case Study – Diabetic Ulceration

Study Author: Oran Schachter, DPM.Center for Reconstruction & Wound Healing, Sherman Oaks Hospital, Sherman Oaks, CA. Patient: 65-year male h/o diabetes with peripheral neuropathy (A1C

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Case Study – Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Study Conducted: Jonathan Rosenblum, DPM. Patient: 84-year-old diabetic male. History: Uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Prior standard of care wound treatment was ineffective. Wound Presentation: Partial thickness

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