Lavior | Diabetes Wound Care: Advanced Solutions

All-in-One Solution

Lavior offers a uniquely formulated solution with the aim of healing wounds at all stages, diabetic ulcers of all types, even deep tissue injuries, with one single and transversal approach to wound management. A single Lavior product can replace and complement other treatments, facilitating the way you heal.

Proven Efficacy (Physician Approved)

Lavior’s line of diabetic wound and skin treatments are clinically proven. Repeatedly tested on the toughest wounds, our products are guaranteed to heal in record timing.


At LAVIOR, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line diabetic skin care solutions and dedicated to helping people with diabetes improve their quality of life. Our products are specifically formulated to promote healing and alleviate skin conditions. With our comprehensive line of diabetic skin treatments, LAVIOR is certain to meet the needs of customers and providers alike.
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