Case Study – Diabetic Laceration

Study Author:

Denise Tropea, DPM.
Wound Care Specialist, Las Vegas, Nevada – USA


77-Year-old Caucasian male, with 16-year history of diabetes and documented
sensory neuropathy. This patient is well known to the clinic and has been
treated for wounds in the past 2 years.


Patient sustained a laceration on the top of his left foot when he fell coming
out of the shower. This occurred approximately 6 weeks prior to him coming
in for his diabetic foot checkup.

Wound Presentation:

Dark necrotic eschar on the dorsal aspect of the left foot. It was irregular in
shape with an approximate measurement of 2.5cm X 1cm.

Prior Treatment:

No wound care was rendered prior to this visit.

Study Methodology:

Used LAVIOR D-Care from 4 to 6 weeks.

Product(s) Used in Study:

LAVIOR D-Care Diabetic Wound Care Gel.

Study Duration:

Approximately 2 months.

Treatment Narrative

Patient’s wife cleaned the wound with saline, applied LAVIOR D-Care daily, and covered it with border gauze. Patient returned to doctor one week after initial visit, and doctor debrided the wound since the D-Care softened the eschar (scab).


Chronic wound with dark necrotic eschar and biofilm layer, on the dorsal aspect of the left foot with surrounding erythema. It was irregular in shape with an approximate measurement of 2.5cm X 1cm.


D-Care was applied daily. The eschar was softened to be sharply debrided. A yellow fibrous base was evident.


Patient was seen again at the clinic, and the wound has healed. There was no visible drainage or infection. We see some hyperpigmentation and scaly skin where the wound was evident.