Treating Diabetic Wounds With the Inula Plant Species

Inula Viscosa (IV) is a renowned perennial herb with medicinal properties in traditional medicine. It serves various therapeutic roles, including being employed as a:

  • Topical anti-inflammatory
  • Diuretic
  • Hemostatic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiphlogistic agent in the management of diabetes. 

As you can see, the benefits of employing this herb are numerous, and it’s no coincidence that our products contain the Inula AGS RIED variation found in this plant family.

Diabetes wound care becomes a much more pleasant experience when you have products made of natural ingredients that specifically adapt to your personal bodily requirements.

Getting to Know This Marvelous Plant

This is an extensively branching perennial plant found widely across the Mediterranean Basin. Its characteristics include elongated, slender leaves with pointed tips, toothed edges, and glandular hairs covering their surfaces.

Initially, this species predominantly thrived in dry riverbeds and deserted fields, typically up to an elevation of 1500 meters (5000 feet). Nowadays, you can frequently encounter it along roadsides and in rural habitats, even within urban areas. Additionally, it plays a crucial role as a food source for specific butterflies and moths during their caterpillar stage.

In terms of medicinal uses, it contains an essential oil and has been a part of traditional medicine since ancient times, particularly in the Levant region, renowned for its astringent properties.

Residents and tourists in Elba Island and Corsica now utilize it to alleviate stings from jellyfish, bees, and wasps by applying fresh leaves directly onto the skin, yielding swift relief.

Given its diverse applications, it’s no wonder that we incorporate it into our products. Many cultures worldwide have recognized its beneficial health effects, leading to extensive scientific research exploring its properties and advantages.

Medical Uses for the Inula Plant Family

It Curbs the effects of Glucose in the Body

If you struggle with diabetes, you can find many benefits to using inula viscosa due to its hypoglycaemic effects on the body

Simply speaking, this means that they help reduce blood sugar in the body, helping complement the problems with insulin production that diabetic people usually face. 

So, you can easily compensate for your body’s potential lack of insulin output with the aid of Inula Viscosa.

Possibly Effective Against Cancer

The inula viscosa leaf water is believed to contain anti-carcinogenic effects in the body, stalling or decreasing cancerous cell production, particularly in cases of colorectal cancer. So if you or someone you know has cancer, you can also utilize inula viscosa as a means to improve your condition

It's a Natural Antiseptic

When you have diabetes, it’s a usual occurrence that wounds get infected because of the healing contretemps that come with it. Luckily, Inula Viscosa and its family also help fend off germs that could jeopardize your health in those moments when you possess uncured wounds due to diabetes.

It's a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

The high levels of sugar in the body make inflammation a common occurrence which you can curtail with the aid of Inula plant family since it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s Haemostatic

Bleeding is another problem that comes with diabetes, because of the body’s incapacity to properly heal, for those with diabetes. But, when you utilize products with this herb, you have a natural, extra layer of safety that enables you to decrease profuse bleeding.