Peter Hurwitz

Chief Commercial Officer

Peter Hurwitz is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and on the Board of Directors at Lavior Pharma. Peter has held senior leadership and management roles for more than 35 years in the medical communications and healthcare fields. He is Director of Programming for Healthcasts, a division of The Professional Television Network (PTN) , President of Clarity Science, an internationally recognized Clinical Research Organization (CRO), and Executive Director of several 501c3 organizations with a focus in healthcare and veteran affairs. In 2008, Peter successfully launched and was CEO/Chairman Worldwide for several international and respected medical communications Companies with offices in New York, London, and Singapore. In 2011, in response to the Tsunami and subsequent Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Peter founded the International Medical Crisis Response Alliance (IMCRA), a non-profit entity, to respond to and provide needed PTSD and MDD medical education to healthcare providers in Fukushima and surrounding communities. IMCRA is currently under contract with several governments and The United Nations. He has been a Managing Director at The McMahon Group, a Senior Vice President at Healthworld, with additional responsibilities of managing Colwood Healthworld US, divisions of Ogilvy and the WPP Group, and has also worked at Phase V Communications, a division of Grey Healthcare Group. Peter was instrumental in the development and launch of the Neurotoxin Institute, a multi-disciplinary, accredited, educational organization created to serve as a comprehensive and independent source of information related to the basic science and the clinical applications of neurotoxin therapies. Peter is also a peer-reviewer for several peer-reviewed Journals, including the Journal of Pain Research and the Journal of Allergy Therapy and is on the Board of Directors for several healthcare Companies, where he provides guidance on health strategy, positioning, and expanding medical delivery capabilities. He has authored several dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles relating to pain management, diabetes, allergy, neuroscience, and many regarding artificial intelligence in medicine. For the past several years, he has worked with White House Administrations and Congress on healthcare policy. Over the course of his career, Peter has developed extensive relationships and has wide-ranging international experience across a broad base of therapeutic areas.

Launched in 2001, The Professional Television Network is a peer-board reviewed and validated digital-based platform with over 130,000 actively engaged US physicians representing all major specialties. Peter has conducted over 4,000 broadcast interviews including with leadership from the FDA, NIH, and CDC along with highlights of major congresses, medical news, CME-accredited, and other relevant healthcare programs. Peter Hurwitz is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and on the Board of Directors at Lavior Pharma.