Lavior Pharma Announces The Addition Of Dr. Imaze Marian Davis To The Scientific Executive Advisory Board

MIAMI, FL (FEBRUARY 2, 2024) – Lavior Pharma Inc., an International advanced diabetic wound and skincare Company headquartered in Miami, Florida, announced the appointment of Imaze Marian Davis, DPM, to the Company’s Scientific Executive Advisory Board. Dr. Davis is a certified wound care specialist, a former Director of the Wound Healing Center at North Shore Medical Center and an onsite Director of Barry University Clinical Students at North Shore Medical Center. Dr. Davis is multi-board certified, a diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, with a Certificate of Added Qualification in Surgery, a diplomate of American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry, board certified in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery and certified by the American Board of Wound Management. Dr. Davis was elected to the ABPM Board of Directors in 2023.

Over her career, Dr. Davis has developed a vast depth of  knowledge and experience in wound care and has been focused on providing life-saving conservative and surgical treatments to patients, especially those in marginalized and underserved communities. She is a recognized expert in wound care management and a sought-after speaker.

Dr. Davis shares, “I am honored to be invited to join Scientific Advisory Board. Lavior’s goal of providing safe and effective, affordable, and life-saving treatment to diabetic patients across the globe perfectly aligns with my mission to provide patients with the best available de novo treatment possible. Their objective of not just managing wounds, but healing them, is what is currently lacking. Their extensive research into a well-known botanical has allowed them to develop a unique and comprehensive product line that has the ability to change the landscape in wound care. I am excited about the opportunity to assist them in their efforts, both here in the US and as they continue to expand internationally.”

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Davis to our Scientific Executive Advisory Board. As a worldwide recognized wound care expert, we look forward to her contributions to assist us in our efforts to heal people suffering from the complications of diabetes. She will be a great asset to our leadership team as we grow our domestic and international footprint,” says Gilad Savion, the CEO and President of Lavior.

About Lavior Pharma Inc.

LAVIOR is the only company exclusively dedicated to the therapeutic diabetes skin care market.  The LAVIOR skincare product line soothes and heals some of the most widespread and challenging skin problems – diabetic ulcers, wounds, burns, eczema/atopic dermatitis, bacterial and fungal infections, skin irritations, and cracked skin. LAVIOR’s line of products is based on the proven efficacy of the Inula AGS RIED botanical species. They are developed using the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients; manufactured and tested to deliver safe, effective, and compliant products. Backed by over 13 years of extensive research and clinical trials, proven clinical safety and efficacy, they consistently outperform conventional treatments.

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