Gilad Savion

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer and President

Gilad Savion is a dedicated entrepreneur who pursued numerous endeavors prior to the launch of Lavior Pharma Inc. Throughout his career, he was primarily involved in the technology sector, working for IBM as Security Product Manager, as well as Director of EMEA Sales at PortAuthority. In 2006, Gilad Savion’s entrepreneurial journey began as he co-founded Nogacom, a software solution company offering services for information management and governance. His next project involved the construction sector, founding Savion Development and Construction, a company specialized in the initiation of international large-scale construction projects. In 2010, Gilad Savion and his wife, Anabelle Savion, founded Lavior Pharma Inc. with the mission of improving the quality of life for people with diabetes. As Chief Executive Officer, Gilad oversees the development of the company, ensuring success and profitability by pursuing all promising opportunities.