Diabetic Wound Gel

Lavior Diabetic Wound Gel is an approved product participating in the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) Better Choices for Life program.

LAVIOR Diabetic Wound Gel is a premium, innovative, clinically proven wound product. Specifically formulated for diabetic skin conditions, LAVIOR’s gel promotes healing of diabetic wounds and foot ulcers by protecting the skin. Its restorative properties protect wounds while soothing and hydrating dry, cracked, and damaged skin.

LAVIOR’s production process carefully blends natural ingredients to create a unique gel formulation that yields quick and visible results.

*Individual results may vary*

Plant-based Gel

Made from natural ingredients, this wound gel is safe for use on all types of wounds, including scrapes, cuts, burns, and other injuries. It is non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals that may cause irritation.

Quick Absorption

Lavior Diabetic Wound Gel is a wound care product that has a unique, easy-to-apply formula. It absorbs quickly, leaving no sticky residue. This product is non-irritating and thus can be used on sensitive skin. It is safe for daily use to heal your wounds faster.

Deep Penetration

Our deep, penetrating wound gel is a topical treatment for external wounds. The gel reduces swelling, inflammation, redness, and discomfort while speeding healing and minimizing scarring.

Premium Diabetic
Wound Gel

Restores and protects dry, cracked, and damaged skin
Creates optimal environment for wound healing and skin regeneration
Promotes healing of diabetic wounds

Lavior gel accelerates healing by supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Formulated to help heal and soothe skin ulcers, it soothes inflammation, reduces healing time of minor wounds, and repairs cracked skin.

The patented formula heals skin cuts.

Lavior gel is made to be a natural, soothing way to heal scrapes and bruises.

The Best Solution for Diabetic Wound

Lavior Diabetic Wound Gel promotes healing of wounds and foot ulcers. Its restorative properties repair wounds while soothing and hydrating dry, cracked, and damaged skin.

This protective wound gel for skin is safe and has been formulated to provide a protective barrier. It creates an optimal wound-healing environment, allowing for skin regeneration.

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Customer Reviews

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William Park
Wonderful product

I’m out daily on the farm and around oil leases always getting cuts and bruises and I’ve heard wonderful info on your product I have already used the cream and recommending it to others. I’m going to thank Dr. Meehan and his group for recommending it to me !

Raquel Ortiz
Works great!

I ordered two kinds: the Lavior Diabetic Wound Care (blue box) and Lavior Wound Care (orange box) for my son’s neck wound. I used the “blue” first but after a few days, it seemed there was no progress so I switched to “orange”. Lo and behold, it WORKS! The wound had closed up and I am still using the “orange” and hoping that there is no flare up! It is a little bit pricey but it is worth your money!


Turns out UT wasn't a wound but a viral wart. So not effective for tgat!

Vickie Swiger
Works great!

Loved your product. Will order again. Thank you.

Luis Moragas
Miracle product

I have tried many products, NONE compare to this one. Best product I have ever purchased.

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