Diabetic First Aid Gel

LAVIOR Diabetic First Aid Gel is a premium, all-in-one product specifically formulated for diabetic skin. Essential for any first aid kit, this remarkable gel protects against infection and soothes minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Specifically formulated to kill germs and help prevent infection, LAVIOR gel also alleviates pain and discomfort.

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First Aid for Diabetic Skin

This first aid gel will not irritate or sting the skin. It is made with natural ingredients, caring for the specific needs of diabetic skin.


This handy gel can be used for all your first aid needs. Whether you need to heal a cut, soothe a burn, or repair dry and damaged skin, this gel will be your go-to product.

Proprietary Botanical Blend

LAVIOR's production process carefully blends natural ingredients to create a unique gel formulation that yields quick and visible results.

Premium Diabetic First Aid Gel

Essential for any first aid kit
Infection Protection
Pain Reliever

The patented formula heals skin cuts and prevents infection.

Formulated to heal and soothe first and second-degree burns.

Made to be a natural, soothing way to heal scrapes and bruises.

Minor Skin Irritations
Help relieve itching and pain associated with skin irritations.

First Aid
For Faster Healing

Make your life easier with this diabetic-friendly first aid gel. Our topical antiseptic ointment provides infection protection of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, wounds.

Help is on the way with this one-of-a-kind wound first aid gel. This product is also a pain reliever specially formulated for diabetic skin.

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Ana Pim
EVERY household should have this product!

EVERY household should have this product! GREAT for ANY kind of abrasion, cut, burn, scrape, irritation etc... I've even used it on sore on everything and it works WONDERS. My kids have used it too and the healing time is FAST. Better than anything else I have tried so far. Great prevention product for diabetics!

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