Breakthrough Formula 

Derived from the ancient healing properties of the Inula plant – known all over the world as “The King of Medicinal Plants” - our breakthrough patented proprietary formula, the AGS RIED Complex, combines revolutionary scientific advancements with leading medicinal properties. Lavior has extracted active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties from botanicals to engineer cutting-edge medical treatments. Our proprietary blend of ingredients effectively soothes and heals skin faster. When applied directly to sores and wounds, a dramatic difference is seen in just a matter of days.

From Plant to Skin

We own the research, development and production process from start to finish. We cultivate our own unique organic chemotype of Inula AGS RIED, the richest and most potent of this plant species. The entire production process is governed by stringent protocol, from the initial planting, growing and cultivation stages through to harvesting and packaging.

 Science At Its Best

LAVIOR's R&D team of researchers, agronomists, chemists, dermatologists and other medical professionals have created breakthrough products which answer the needs of specific skin conditions and trigger the immune system to speed up the healing process.