Customer Reviews

  • My son had such diabetes wounds that they were going to amputate his leg because the wound was badly infected.  I happened to meet Gilad Savion and told him my story.  He gave me a container of the Lavior pre-release product and it made an amazing difference.  The sores started to heal and the doctor’s decided to cancel surgery. - Mickael
  • I heard that Lavior could help Herpes – that’s how they discovered it – so I tried.  First 2 days, some change…day three, wow. The red sore was gone. Amazing! - Isabelle
  • I always carry Lavior with Aloe Vera.  It’s great for cuts, scratches, bites, sunburn, itchy or dry skin and burns.  The combination of Inula Viscosa and Aloe Vera is fast acting and really helps. - Antonio

Physician Recommendations

"I have been using D-CARE diabetic wound gel on my patients since Lavior launched. I have used it in many different situations. I have applied it to foot and or leg wounds that had just developed in my diabetic patient population . I am seeing the phase from the initial injury to the healing phase occur much faster and less time spent in the inflammation stage. - Dr. Denise Tropea, DPM

When I have applied the D-CARE to chronic wounds (wounds that have been open for one or more months), I am seeing the ulcerative area become shallower within a week after switching to this product. The circulation also improves since the wound gel is healing deep in the dermal layers. The medicinal herb, Inula Viscosa is the key ingredient in this product line and  is responsible for accelerating wound healing. This is so important in the treatment of diabetic wounds to help prevent further infection and or amputation."

I had the opportunity to try LAVIOR's new D-Care Natural Soothing Relief Gels. My family and I tried both LAVIOR products (Inula and Inula & Aloe Vera) for dry skin, seborrhea and minor cuts and scrapes. 

Once applied to damaged skin, the gels were smooth and subtle, with a light scent that dissipated quickly. 

The effects were remarkable - inducing clean, soothing, infection-free healing and alleviating the symptoms of dry, inflamed skin. - Dr. Daniel Siegel, MD

Patients with diabetes are often confronted with non-healing ulcers or wounds. Every time my patients have used this cream, they have seen their wounds improve significantly or close completely. This cream is also very helpful in patients with psoriasis. It is a great advance and I highly recommend it. - Dr. Daniel Siegel, MD

LAVIOR D-Care is an exceptional ointment for wounds, with the potential to ultimately heal both chronic wounds and sores. It's remarkably easy to apply, yielding unparalleled results from patients with various types of non-healing wounds. LAVIOR D-Care should be considered as a primary topical healing agent. - Dr. Marie-Paule Smadja, MD