Our Story

The LAVIOR story began with a “healing miracle” that has its roots in Biblical times.

Gilad and Anabelle Savion, LAVIOR owners, had a history of skin disorders in both of their families and Gilad’s father came to him asking if there was anything Gilad could do to help heal his painful diabetic wounds. After eight years of exhaustive lab research, they discovered the miracle of the Inula viscosa plant which has grown in southern Israel for thousands of years. In Proverbs in the Bible, King Solomon’s “wounds…should be treated with Inula viscosa”, and the plant helped heal the prophet Job’s torments. Jesus advised wounded warriors to use the plant to heal their injuries.

Gilad and Anabelle, who have extensive scientific backgrounds, had discovered that this botanical extract could provide a unique tonic for chronic and acute skin issues, particularly those suffered by diabetics. LAVIOR’s team of expert researchers, dermatologists and other medical experts developed new technologies to extract molecules which unleash the magical powers of Inula viscosa to formulate a new generation of high-potency gels and creams which help diabetics and others with skin rashes get soothing relief and heal wounds and even prevent amputations in a way that no other product can.

Experience the botanical, miraculous results of our LAVIOR products