Breakthrough diabetic skincare solutions are now available at Walmart!

Lavior is your first line of defense for diabetic skin conditions. Specifically formulated for diabetic cuts, scrapes, burns and wounds, Lavior provides powerful healing through the gifts of nature.

Lavior Diabetic Wound Dressing

Lavior Diabetic Hydrogel Wound Dressing helps to maintain a moist wound environment to help wounds heal faster. Endorsed by the American Diabetes Association Better Choices for Life.

Lavior Diabetic First Aid Gel

Lavior Diabetic First Aid Gel is a premium, all-in-one product specifically formulated for diabetic skin. This hypoallergenic gel is your go-to product to soothe a range of skin problems.

What is Lavior?

Plant Based Healing

Our advanced formulas harness the power of plant extracts, carefully selected to offer a holistic and natural approach to diabetic skin products. It prioritizes the use of botanical ingredients, ensuring that your skin receives the best possible care without harsh chemicals. Trusted and recommended by clinicians around the world, and backed by clinical trials.

Specially Formulated for People with Diabetes

Lavior is the only company with a comprehensive line of products exclusively dedicated to the therapeutic diabetes skin care market. Over the years, Lavior has done extensive research and developed a line of diabetic wound and skincare products based on well-researched medicinal botanicals.

Breakthrough Technology

Backed by 13 years of research, our groundbreaking formulations and our medical understanding of chronic skin disorders have resulted in breakthrough natural treatments for skin conditions. Based on the radical and rapid healing effects of the Inula Viscosa AGS RIED species, Lavior offers a revolutionary treatment with the aim of transforming the lives of diabetic individuals.

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Here to Heal

Discover our comprehensive line of plant-based wound and skincare solutions for people with diabetes.

Lavior Diabetic Foot Cream

Our specially crafted diabetic foot cream will keep your feet hydrated to help in preventing chronic wounds. Our natural, non-toxic, plant-based formula absorbs rapidly and penetrates deeply, ensuring quick relief without the use of steroids or cortisone.

Lavior Diabetic Itch Cream

Lavior’s Diabetic Itch Cream is formulated to fight itching and to comfort irritated skin fast. It provides rapid relief from minor skin irritations due to rashes, eczema, poison ivy/oak/sumac, and insect bites.

At Lavior, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line diabetic skin care solutions and dedicated to helping people with diabetes improve their quality of life. Our products are specifically formulated to promote healing and alleviate skin conditions fast. With our comprehensive line of diabetic skin treatments, Lavior not only prevents wounds but heals wounds fast.
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