Lavior Pharma Announces The Addition Of Dr. Martin Zaiac To The Scientific Advisory Board

Lavior Pharma Inc., an International advanced diabetic wound and skincare Company headquartered in Miami, Florida, announced the appointment of Martin Zaiac, MD, to the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Zaiac obtained his undergraduate degree in Science at the University of Miami and attended the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Zaiac is currently Chief, Department of Dermatology, at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Professor and Chairman of Dermatology at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University. His other appointments include faculty positions in Dermatology at both the University of Miami School of Medicine and Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences. In 1991, Dr. Zaiac co-founded the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center, and is recognized as an expert in skin cancer detection, Mohs surgery, and diagnosing conditions of the skin.

Dr. Zaiac is internationally recognized for his research and routinely featured as an expert on news programs and major publications including Elle Espanol, Ocean Drive Magazine, Ocean Drive en Espanol, and the Miami Herald. He has authored dozens of articles and numerous book chapters in dermatology and dermatological surgical peer-reviewed publications. He is board certified from the American Board of Dermatology and the American Society of Mohs Surgery and a Board Member of the Foundation for International Dermatological Education. 

“As one of the leading dermatologists and researchers in South Florida, Dr. Zaiac brings a wealth of international experience to Lavior. We are honored to have Dr. Zaiac join our Scientific Advisory Board to provide guidance and assist us in sharing our science, evidence-based research, and positive patient outcomes with other clinicians throughout the world. He will be a valued addition to our Team,” says Gilad Savion, Founder and CEO of Lavior Pharma.

Dr. Zaiac shares, “I am excited to join Lavior’s Scientific Advisory Board. As a dermatologist for several decades, it is always exciting when new treatments are identified that are minimally invasive and can have a profound and positive impact on patient outcomes compared to existing standards of care. Lavior’s extensive and ongoing research has shown extreme promise in several medical conditions, and I look forward to sharing this essential information with other clinicians.”  

By integrating a team of expert scientists and clinicians into Lavior’s Scientific Advisory Board, the company can internally peer-review its research and development efforts and receive feedback and scientific advice more quickly than other commercial entities. This ensures that the company receives proper oversight and expert guidance as it advances its technological discoveries — expanding Lavior’s reach from the lab to real-world application.

About Lavior Pharma Inc.

LAVIOR is the only company exclusively dedicated to the therapeutic diabetes skin care market.  The LAVIOR skincare product line soothes and heals some of the most widespread and challenging skin problems – diabetic ulcers, wounds, burns, eczema/atopic dermatitis, bacterial and fungal infections, skin irritations, and cracked skin. LAVIOR’s line of products is based on the proven efficacy of the Inula AGS RIED botanical species. They are developed using the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients; manufactured and tested to deliver safe, effective, and compliant products. Backed by over 13 years of extensive research and clinical trials, proven clinical safety and efficacy, they consistently outperform conventional treatments.

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