Diabetes Awareness Month: Lavior Launches at Walmart with the American Diabetes Association Better Choices for Life Mark

Diabetes Awareness Month is a crucial time for raising awareness about the staggering impact of diabetes in the United States. With a shocking 37.3 million Americans affected by this chronic condition, the need for change is more pressing than ever. In addition to the overwhelming numbers, every year, 5.5 million individuals with diabetes develop non-healing wounds, leading to 150,000 limb amputations and, tragically, 75,000 lives lost within five years post-amputation. This November, we are focusing on a groundbreaking development that could transform the lives of those affected by diabetes nationwide. 

When assessing patient outcomes, it becomes evident that healthcare disparities disproportionately affect the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities: 

  1. Native American communities face double the risk of diabetes, a 70% higher amputation rate, and a threefold increase in diabetes-related complications.
  2. African American communities exhibit a 77% higher diabetes risk, a threefold increase in amputations, and twice the likelihood of succumbing to diabetes complications.
  3. Latino and Hispanic communities confront a 66% elevated diabetes risk, a 48% increased amputation rate, and a 50% higher risk of diabetes-related mortality.

These statistics are a stark reminder of the urgent need for accessible and effective diabetes care, particularly in communities that are disproportionately affected.  

In a significant stride towards making diabetes care more accessible and affordable, Lavior is now available in 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com for less than $20 for a 30-day supply. This development is a game-changer for individuals seeking reliable solutions to manage diabetes and its complications. 

Endorsed by the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life program, this newfound accessibility to a powerful preventive and treatment solution is set to save thousands of lives each year. Lavior’s commitment to affordable and quality care is a beacon of hope for those battling diabetes and its associated complications.  

Lavior is proud to announce its participation in the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life Program. This program is designed to help consumers make better-informed choices about products related to diabetes care. Products bearing the Better Choices for Life mark meet specific guidelines and have claims supported by scientific evidence that align with the ADA’s expectations. 

After over 12 years of research, Lavior’s Diabetic Wound Care products have emerged as revolutionary solutions. These products are natural and utilize proprietary molecules from the Inula Viscosa plant known for its significant wound-healing capabilities. One of Lavior’s approved products participating in the ADA Better Choices for Life program is the Diabetic Wound Gel, which is clinically proven and specifically formulated for diabetic skin conditions. 

The main benefits of Lavior’s Diabetic Hydrogel Wound Dressing include: 

  1. Over-the-counter accessibility with natural ingredients and no steroids.
  2. Creation of an optimal environment around the wound for healing and skin regeneration, even for hard-to-heal diabetic ulcers that often lead to amputations.
  3. Promotion of the healing of diabetic wounds.

Lavior’s founder, Anabelle Savion, expressed her pride in participating in the ADA’s Better Choices for Life Program and the brand’s mission to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes. She highlighted the company’s commitment to providing innovative and natural solutions in preventive care, wound care, and skin infection mitigation. Lavior’s high-quality and affordable products are designed to help people lead healthier lives despite the everyday challenges associated with diabetes.  

As we commemorate Diabetes Awareness Month, it is crucial to acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals affected by diabetes, especially those in BIPOC communities. The launch of Lavior at Walmart and its participation in the ADA Better Choices for Life program are significant steps toward addressing these challenges. 

Accessible, affordable, and scientifically endorsed solutions like Lavior’s Diabetic Wound Gel provide hope for individuals battling diabetes and its complications. It is a testament to the commitment of companies and organizations working tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by this chronic condition. 

To learn more about Lavior’s Diabetic Hydrogel Wound Dressing, visit the Lavior product page on Walmart.com. This Diabetes Awareness Month, let’s come together to support those affected by diabetes and work towards a future with better choices for life.