Month: February 2024

How to care for your Diabetic Wound
Acute Wound Care
How to Care for Your Diabetic Wound

Introduction Understanding diabetic wound care is essential for maintaining foot and overall health as well. In our comprehensive guide, learn essential tips and techniques to

Insulin Pod Change and Wound Prevention
Insulin Pod Change and Wound Prevention

Introduction If you rely on insulin pod therapy, the process of changing pods is routine but not without its common, daily challenges. One common concern

Scientific Posters
Poster Presented at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) 2023

Preventing Amputation: Successful Management And Expedited Healing Of Diabetic Wounds With Novel Botanical Supercharged Wound Hydrogel

Authors: Oscar Barreto, DPM, AGNP, Peter Hurwitz, Select Specialty Hospital, Miami, FL, Clarity Science LLC, Narragansett, RI